Printing Frontier Boarding Passes: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to print frontier boarding pass – Navigating the complexities of air travel can be daunting, but printing your Frontier boarding pass doesn’t have to be. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience at the airport.

From accessing your boarding pass online to printing it from your computer or mobile device, we’ve got you covered. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s dive into the world of Frontier boarding pass printing!

Frontier Airlines Boarding Pass

Accessing your Frontier Airlines boarding pass is a simple and convenient process that can be completed online or through the mobile app.

Accessing the Boarding Pass

  • Visit the Frontier Airlines website at
  • Click on the “My Trips” tab located in the top menu bar.
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name in the designated fields.
  • Click on the “Retrieve My Boarding Pass” button.

Retrieving the Boarding Pass

Once you have accessed your boarding pass, you can choose to print it, save it to your device, or send it to your email address.

Boarding Pass Layout

The Frontier Airlines boarding pass typically includes the following information:

  • Passenger name
  • Confirmation number
  • Flight number
  • Departure and arrival airports
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Seat number
  • Boarding group
  • Barcode for scanning

Booking Reference or Confirmation Code

The booking reference or confirmation code is a unique identifier assigned to each flight reservation. It serves as a crucial piece of information that allows you to access your flight details, manage your booking, and check in for your flight.

The booking reference or confirmation code can typically be found in the confirmation email you received after making your flight reservation. It is usually a combination of letters and numbers, and it may appear in the subject line or body of the email.

Importance of Booking Reference or Confirmation Code

  • Allows you to access your flight details and manage your booking online.
  • Required for checking in for your flight online or at the airport.
  • Used to retrieve your boarding pass if it is lost or misplaced.
  • Necessary for making changes or cancellations to your flight reservation.

Passenger Information

How to print frontier boarding pass

To ensure a smooth boarding process, Frontier Airlines requires passengers to provide accurate personal information when printing their boarding passes. This includes the following details:

  • Full Name:Enter your legal first and last name as it appears on your government-issued ID.
  • Date of Birth:Provide your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Frequent Flyer Number (optional):If you are a member of Frontier’s EarlyReturns loyalty program, you can enter your frequent flyer number to earn miles and other benefits.

Flight Selection

How to print frontier boarding pass

Flight selection is a crucial step in the boarding pass printing process. It involves choosing the correct flight from a list of available options and verifying important flight details to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Flight Details

When selecting a flight, it is essential to verify key flight details such as departure and arrival times, flight duration, and any potential layovers. These details help travelers plan their行程 and make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

For hassle-free boarding, printing your Frontier boarding pass is essential. Follow the airline’s instructions to retrieve your pass digitally and locate a nearby print station. Alternatively, consider exploring options for printing digital art at specialized facilities ( where to print digital art ).

This can provide high-quality prints for your artwork. Once your Frontier boarding pass is printed, ensure its accuracy and store it safely for easy access at the airport.

Flight Types

Understanding the different types of flights available is important for selecting the best option. Direct flights are non-stop, while connecting flights involve one or more layovers. Non-stop flights offer the shortest travel time, but may be more expensive than connecting flights.

Flight Comparison

Comparing flight prices and amenities is crucial for finding the best value. Travelers can use online flight search engines or airline websites to compare different flight options. Factors to consider include ticket price, baggage fees, seat selection options, and inflight amenities.

Flight Selection Tips

To find the best flight, travelers should consider their budget, travel preferences, and schedule. Early booking often results in lower fares, while flexible travel dates can provide more options. Travelers can also sign up for airline loyalty programs to access exclusive discounts and benefits.

Boarding Pass Options: How To Print Frontier Boarding Pass

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Frontier Airlines provides multiple convenient options for obtaining your boarding pass, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following factors when selecting the most suitable option:

Convenience, accessibility, environmental impact, and security are key aspects to consider when choosing a boarding pass delivery method.


  • Pros:
    • Easy and convenient, accessible from any device with internet access.
    • Can be printed at home or at the airport.
    • Environmentally friendly as it reduces paper waste.
  • Cons:
    • Requires a stable internet connection.
    • May not be suitable for those without access to a printer.
    • Security concerns if the email is intercepted.


  • Pros:
    • Convenient and accessible on your smartphone.
    • No need to print, simply display the boarding pass on your device at the gate.
    • Can be easily shared with others.
  • Cons:
    • Requires a smartphone with a stable internet connection.
    • Battery life of the device may be affected.
    • Security concerns if the phone is lost or stolen.


  • Pros:
    • Traditional and reliable method.
    • Can be printed at home or at the airport.
    • Physical copy provides a sense of security.
  • Cons:
    • Requires access to a printer.
    • Can be inconvenient if you do not have a printer available.
    • Not as environmentally friendly as digital options.

Printing Boarding Pass

Printing a boarding pass from Frontier Airlines allows passengers to check in and obtain their boarding pass conveniently. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to print a boarding pass from a computer or mobile device, including troubleshooting tips for common printing issues.

Printing Boarding Pass from a Computer

To print a boarding pass from a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Frontier Airlines website and log in to your account.
  2. Select “My Trips” and choose the flight for which you need to print the boarding pass.
  3. Click on “Print Boarding Pass” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Select the boarding pass format (PDF or mobile boarding pass) and click “Print”.

Printing Boarding Pass from a Mobile Device

To print a boarding pass from a mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Frontier Airlines mobile app.
  2. Log in to your account and select “My Trips”.
  3. Choose the flight for which you need to print the boarding pass.
  4. Tap on “Print Boarding Pass” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues

  • Printer not connected:Ensure the printer is connected to your computer or mobile device and turned on.
  • Incorrect printer selected:Verify that the correct printer is selected in the printing options.
  • Boarding pass not printing:Check if the printer has paper and ink. Restart the printer and try again.
  • Boarding pass format not supported:Ensure the boarding pass format (PDF or mobile boarding pass) is supported by your printer.
  • Boarding pass is blank:Check if the boarding pass is saved in the correct format and try printing again.

Contacting Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with printing your boarding pass, contact Frontier Airlines customer support at 1-801-401-9000 for assistance.

Mobile Boarding Pass

Access and utilize your mobile boarding pass conveniently with a smartphone. This digital version offers a seamless boarding experience, eliminating the need for physical printouts.

Printing Frontier boarding passes requires understanding how to collate, a printing technique that arranges multiple pages in the correct order. What is collate in printing explains the concept, where pages are assembled in sequence before being printed. This ensures that the boarding pass pages are printed in the proper order for easy presentation at the airport.

Advantages of using a mobile boarding pass include:

  • Convenience: Access your boarding pass anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Accessibility: No need to carry physical documents or worry about losing them.

Saving the Mobile Boarding Pass

To save your mobile boarding pass, follow these steps:

  1. Check your email for the boarding pass sent by Frontier Airlines.
  2. Open the email on your smartphone and click on the “Save to Apple Wallet” or “Add to Google Pay” button.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the saving process.

Your mobile boarding pass will now be stored in your smartphone’s digital wallet, ready for use at the airport.

Boarding Pass Verification

Upon arriving at the airport, passengers must present their boarding pass for verification before proceeding to their gate. This process ensures that the passenger is authorized to board the flight and has met all necessary security requirements.

There are two primary methods used for boarding pass verification: scanning and manual inspection.


Scanning is the most common method of boarding pass verification. Passengers simply place their boarding pass on a scanner, which reads the barcode or QR code printed on the pass. The scanner then verifies the passenger’s identity and flight information against the airline’s database.

Manual Inspection

In some cases, boarding passes may be manually inspected by an airline employee. This is typically done if the scanner is unable to read the boarding pass or if there is any doubt about the passenger’s identity.

During manual inspection, the airline employee will check the passenger’s boarding pass against their identification and flight information. They may also ask the passenger to provide additional information, such as their name, date of birth, or passport number.

Baggage Information

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Frontier Airlines has specific baggage policies and fees associated with checked baggage, carry-on baggage, and personal items. Understanding these policies and fees is crucial for a smooth travel experience.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

The baggage allowance and fees vary based on the fare class and destination. Frontier offers three fare classes: Basic, Classic, and Plus. The Basic fare class includes one free personal item, while the Classic and Plus fare classes include one free carry-on bag in addition to the personal item.

Checked baggage fees range from $30 to $100 per bag, depending on the fare class and destination.

Printing Baggage Tags and Checking In Luggage

Passengers can print baggage tags online, at the airport kiosk, or through the Frontier Airlines mobile app. After printing the baggage tags, passengers can proceed to the baggage drop-off area at the airport to check in their luggage.

Tracking Checked Baggage and Filing a Claim

Passengers can track the status of their checked baggage online or through the mobile app using the baggage tag number. In case of lost or damaged luggage, passengers can file a claim online or at the airport baggage claim area.

Prohibited Items

Frontier Airlines has a list of prohibited items that cannot be transported in checked or carry-on baggage. These items include firearms, explosives, flammable substances, and sharp objects. Passengers are advised to check the Frontier Airlines website for a complete list of prohibited items.

Baggage Policies and Procedures

For more detailed information on baggage policies and procedures, passengers can visit the Frontier Airlines website: Frontier Airlines Baggage Policies

Seat Selection

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to select their preferred seats during the booking process or later through the Manage My Booking option. Seat selection fees vary depending on the seat type and flight route.

Passengers can choose from standard seats, preferred seats, or exit row seats. Standard seats are the most basic and affordable option, while preferred seats offer more legroom and are located closer to the front of the plane. Exit row seats provide even more legroom but may have restrictions on carry-on baggage.

Fees for Seat Selection, How to print frontier boarding pass

  • Standard seats: Free for all passengers
  • Preferred seats: Starting from $10 per seat
  • Exit row seats: Starting from $20 per seat

Seat Options

  • Standard seats:These are the most basic and affordable seat option. They are located in the main cabin and have a standard amount of legroom.
  • Preferred seats:These seats offer more legroom than standard seats and are located closer to the front of the plane. They are ideal for passengers who want to disembark quickly or who need extra legroom.
  • Exit row seats:These seats offer the most legroom of all seat options and are located in the exit row. They are ideal for passengers who need extra legroom or who want to be able to disembark quickly in an emergency.

Boarding Procedures

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Frontier Airlines uses a Zone-based boarding system. Passengers are assigned to a boarding group based on their fare class, frequent flyer status, or other factors. Boarding begins with Group 1 and continues in numerical order until all passengers have boarded the aircraft.

Boarding Groups

* Group 1:Passengers with EarlyReturns status, active military members, and passengers with disabilities

Group 2

Passengers with carry-on bags only

Group 3

Passengers with checked bags

Group 4

All other passengersPassengers are encouraged to arrive at the gate at least 60 minutes before their scheduled departure time to allow ample time for check-in, security screening, and boarding.

In-Flight Amenities

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Frontier Airlines provides a range of in-flight amenities to enhance passenger comfort and entertainment. These include Wi-Fi connectivity, entertainment options, and food and beverage services.

Some amenities may incur additional charges, while others are complimentary. The availability and fees associated with each amenity vary depending on the flight route, aircraft type, and booking class.


  • Frontier Airlines offers Wi-Fi connectivity on select flights.
  • Passengers can purchase Wi-Fi passes for a fee, which vary based on the duration of access and speed.
  • To access Wi-Fi, passengers must connect their devices to the Frontier Airlines network and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • Frontier Airlines provides a variety of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and games.
  • Passengers can access the entertainment system through their personal devices or via seatback screens on select aircraft.
  • Some content may be available for free, while others may require a fee.

Food and Beverage

  • Frontier Airlines offers a selection of food and beverage items for purchase on board.
  • The menu includes snacks, sandwiches, salads, and beverages.
  • Passengers can place orders through the flight attendants or via the in-flight entertainment system.

Special Amenities

Frontier Airlines offers special amenities and services for passengers with specific needs, such as families with children and passengers with disabilities.

  • Families with children can request bulkhead seats with extra legroom.
  • Passengers with disabilities can request assistance with boarding, seating, and other needs.

Accessing Amenities

Passengers can access in-flight amenities by following the instructions provided by the flight attendants or by using the in-flight entertainment system.

Some amenities, such as Wi-Fi and entertainment, may require passengers to connect their personal devices or use seatback screens.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • Wi-Fi connectivity may be subject to availability and may not be available on all flights.
  • Entertainment options may vary depending on the aircraft type and flight route.
  • Food and beverage items may be subject to availability and may not be available on all flights.

– Include the hours of operation for customer service.

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Frontier Airlines customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach a customer service representative by phone, email, or live chat.

The phone number for customer service is 1-801-401-9000. The email address for customer service is [email protected]. The live chat feature can be accessed on the Frontier Airlines website.

  • Phone: 1-801-401-9000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat: Available on the Frontier Airlines website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This comprehensive table provides answers to common questions related to printing Frontier Airlines boarding passes, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Questions and Answers

Question Answer Additional Notes
Can I print my boarding pass online? Yes, you can print your boarding pass online through Frontier Airlines’ website or mobile app. You will need your booking reference or confirmation code to access your boarding pass.
How do I find my booking reference or confirmation code? Your booking reference or confirmation code is a unique identifier for your reservation. It can be found in your confirmation email or on your itinerary. If you cannot locate your booking reference, you can contact Frontier Airlines customer service for assistance.
What information is included on my boarding pass? Your boarding pass includes essential flight information such as your name, flight number, departure and arrival times, seat assignment, and gate number. It also serves as proof of your identity and entitlement to board the flight.
Can I select my seat when printing my boarding pass? Yes, you can select your preferred seat during the boarding pass printing process, subject to availability. Seat selection may incur an additional fee depending on your fare type and seat preferences.
How do I print my boarding pass at the airport? You can print your boarding pass at self-service kiosks located at the airport. You will need to scan your boarding pass barcode or enter your booking reference to retrieve your boarding pass.
Can I use a mobile boarding pass? Yes, you can use a mobile boarding pass by downloading the Frontier Airlines mobile app. Your mobile boarding pass will be stored in the app and can be scanned at the gate for boarding.
How do I verify my boarding pass? You can verify your boarding pass by scanning the barcode at the gate or by presenting it to a Frontier Airlines agent. Your boarding pass will be checked against the airline’s records to ensure its validity.
What should I do if I lose my boarding pass? If you lose your boarding pass, you can reprint it online, at the airport self-service kiosk, or by contacting Frontier Airlines customer service. You may need to provide additional identification to verify your identity.

Query Resolution

How do I access my Frontier boarding pass online?

Visit the Frontier Airlines website, enter your confirmation code and last name, and click on “Retrieve Boarding Pass.”

Can I print my boarding pass from my mobile device?

Yes, you can download the Frontier Airlines mobile app and access your boarding pass through the app.

What if I don’t have access to a printer?

You can check in at the airport and request a printed boarding pass from the airline staff.

How do I verify my boarding pass at the airport?

Present your printed or mobile boarding pass to the airline staff at the gate for scanning.

What if I have special baggage requirements?

Contact Frontier Airlines customer service or visit their website for information on baggage fees and policies.