Does Walmart Sell Printer Ink? A Comprehensive Guide

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Does walmart sell printer ink – Delve into the realm of printer ink at Walmart, where affordability and convenience converge. Whether you seek a quick fix or a long-term solution, Walmart offers a diverse selection to meet your printing needs. From renowned brands to budget-friendly options, our comprehensive guide will navigate you through the world of printer ink at Walmart, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns with your budget and printing requirements.

Walmart’s commitment to providing customers with a seamless shopping experience extends to its printer ink offerings. Discover the various types of printer ink available, including inkjet, laser, and more. Explore the compatibility of different ink cartridges with your specific printer model and delve into the intricacies of high-yield and standard-yield options.

Walmart’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in its flexible return policy, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

Product Availability

Does walmart sell printer ink

Walmart offers a wide range of printer ink options to meet the needs of its customers. The store carries a variety of printer ink brands, including HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and Dell.

Walmart sells both inkjet and laser printer ink. Inkjet ink is a water-based ink that is used in inkjet printers. Laser ink is a powder-based ink that is used in laser printers.

Walmart sells both generic and third-party printer ink. Generic printer ink is made by a company other than the printer manufacturer. Third-party printer ink is made by a company that is not affiliated with the printer manufacturer.

Walmart sells both high-yield and standard-yield printer ink cartridges. High-yield cartridges contain more ink than standard-yield cartridges and can print more pages.

Walmart offers a subscription service called Ink Advantage. With Ink Advantage, customers can save up to 50% on printer ink. Customers can also earn rewards points that can be used towards future printer ink purchases.

Walmart offers in-store pickup and delivery options for printer ink. Customers can order printer ink online and pick it up at their local Walmart store. Customers can also order printer ink online and have it delivered to their home or office.

While Walmart does sell printer ink, customers who encounter printing issues, such as the inability to print in color, may find helpful troubleshooting tips in the article why won’t my printer print in color. This resource provides insights into potential causes and solutions, enabling users to address the issue and restore their printers to optimal functionality.

Walmart’s wide selection of printer ink ensures that customers can easily replenish their supplies and continue printing with ease.

Walmart offers a variety of special promotions and discounts on printer ink. Customers can save money on printer ink by using coupons, promo codes, and loyalty rewards.

Walmart sells printer ink online at Customers can browse the selection of printer ink and order online. offers free shipping on orders over $35.

Pricing and Promotions

Ink printer made 1ink cartridges standard

Walmart generally offers competitive prices on printer ink compared to other retailers. However, it’s essential to compare prices across multiple retailers to ensure you get the best deal.

Walmart often runs sales and promotions on printer ink, including bundle deals, coupon codes, and loyalty program rewards. For example, they may offer discounts on multi-packs of ink cartridges or provide cashback rewards for purchases made with their credit card.

Price Comparison

The following table compares the prices of printer ink at Walmart, Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot:

Retailer HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge Canon PG-245 Black Ink Cartridge Epson 202 Black Ink Cartridge
Walmart $19.99 $14.99 $16.99
Amazon $18.99 $13.99 $15.99
Staples $21.99 $16.99 $18.99
Office Depot $20.99 $15.99 $17.99

Walmart’s Price-Matching Policy

Walmart offers a price-matching policy that allows customers to match the price of an identical item found at a competitor’s store. To qualify for price matching, the competitor’s price must be lower than Walmart’s and the item must be in stock at the competitor’s store.

There are some conditions and restrictions to Walmart’s price-matching policy. For example, the competitor must be a physical store located within a 50-mile radius of the Walmart store. Additionally, Walmart may not match prices from online retailers or auction sites.

Tips for Saving Money on Printer Ink at Walmart

  • Check for sales and promotions regularly.
  • Sign up for Walmart’s loyalty program to earn rewards and discounts.
  • Use Walmart’s price-matching policy to get the lowest price.
  • Consider buying generic or compatible ink cartridges instead of brand-name cartridges.
  • Print double-sided to save on ink.

Compatible Printers: Does Walmart Sell Printer Ink

Walmart offers printer ink compatible with a wide range of printer brands and models. To ensure compatibility, it’s essential to identify the specific printer model and the corresponding ink cartridges required.

The following table lists the major printer brands and models compatible with Walmart’s printer ink:

HP Printers

  • HP DeskJet 2755e: HP 65 Black, HP 65 Tri-color
  • HP Envy 6055e: HP 67 Black, HP 67 Tri-color
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025: HP 962XL Black, HP 963XL Cyan, HP 963XL Magenta, HP 963XL Yellow

Epson Printers

  • Epson Expression Home XP-4100: Epson 603 Black, Epson 603 Cyan, Epson 603 Magenta, Epson 603 Yellow
  • Epson WorkForce WF-7720: Epson 562 Black, Epson 562 Cyan, Epson 562 Magenta, Epson 562 Yellow
  • Epson EcoTank ET-2850: Epson 522 Black, Epson 522 Cyan, Epson 522 Magenta, Epson 522 Yellow

Canon Printers

  • Canon Pixma MG3620: Canon PG-245 Black, Canon CL-246 Tri-color
  • Canon Maxify MB5420: Canon GI-29 Black, Canon GI-29 Cyan, Canon GI-29 Magenta, Canon GI-29 Yellow
  • Canon imageCLASS MF269dw: Canon 126 Black, Canon 128 Cyan, Canon 128 Magenta, Canon 128 Yellow

Brother Printers

  • Brother MFC-J497DW: Brother LC3039 Black, Brother LC3039 Cyan, Brother LC3039 Magenta, Brother LC3039 Yellow
  • Brother HL-L2350DW: Brother TN760 Black
  • Brother DCP-L3550CDW: Brother TN760 Black, Brother TN730 Cyan, Brother TN730 Magenta, Brother TN730 Yellow

Finding Compatible Printer Ink

To find compatible printer ink for a specific printer, refer to the printer’s user manual or visit Walmart’s website. Use the printer model number to search for compatible ink cartridges.

In-Store vs. Online

Walmart offers printer ink for purchase both in-store and online. The selection of printer ink varies depending on the location and size of the store, but most Walmart stores carry a wide variety of ink cartridges for both inkjet and laser printers.

Online, Walmart offers an even wider selection of printer ink, including hard-to-find cartridges and specialty inks. Prices for printer ink are generally comparable between in-store and online, but there may be occasional sales or promotions that offer discounts on one channel or the other.

Ordering Printer Ink Online for In-Store Pickup

Walmart offers the option to order printer ink online and pick it up in-store. This can be a convenient way to save time and avoid shipping costs. To order printer ink online for in-store pickup, simply add the items you want to your cart and select “Store Pickup” at checkout.

You will then be able to choose the Walmart store where you want to pick up your order.

Customer Reviews

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Walmart’s printer ink receives mixed customer reviews. While some customers praise the quality and affordability of the ink, others express concerns about compatibility issues and premature ink depletion.

Common Themes and Concerns

* Quality:Customers generally rate the quality of Walmart’s printer ink as satisfactory, with many reporting sharp and vibrant prints. However, some customers experience smudging or fading over time.


Compatibility issues are a common concern, with customers reporting problems using the ink with certain printer models.

Ink Depletion

Several customers complain about the ink depleting faster than expected, especially for high-volume printing.


Walmart’s printer ink is generally considered affordable, but some customers question the value for money given the reported compatibility issues and ink depletion.

Categorization by Printer Brand and Model

Customer reviews are categorized by printer brand and model to provide specific insights into compatibility and performance. For instance, reviews for HP printers generally indicate good compatibility and print quality, while Epson printer reviews raise more concerns about compatibility.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis of customer reviews reveals a mix of positive and negative experiences. Positive reviews often highlight the affordability and quality of the ink, while negative reviews focus on compatibility issues and premature ink depletion.

Key Findings Summary

Aspect Key Findings
Quality Generally satisfactory, but some concerns about smudging and fading
Compatibility Compatibility issues reported with certain printer models
Ink Depletion Customers experience faster-than-expected ink depletion
Pricing Considered affordable, but value questioned due to compatibility issues

Insightful Customer Review

“The Walmart ink cartridges I bought for my HP printer worked perfectly. The prints were sharp and vibrant, and the colors were accurate. I’ve been using them for several months now and haven’t experienced any problems.”

Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

Based on customer feedback, Walmart could improve its printer ink offering by:* Enhancing compatibility with a wider range of printer models

  • Addressing the issue of premature ink depletion
  • Providing clearer compatibility information on product packaging and online

Alternative Options

Purchasing printer ink from Walmart is a common choice, but alternative options exist that may offer cost savings or other benefits. Explore these options to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.

Compatible Cartridges

Compatible cartridges are third-party cartridges designed to work with specific printer models. They offer a cost-effective alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges while maintaining print quality. However, compatibility issues can arise, and print quality may vary depending on the cartridge manufacturer.

When choosing compatible cartridges, opt for reputable vendors with positive customer reviews. Ensure the cartridge is compatible with your printer model to avoid compatibility issues.

Refilling Ink Cartridges

Refilling ink cartridges involves injecting ink into an empty cartridge using a syringe and ink refill kit. This option can significantly reduce printing costs compared to purchasing new cartridges. However, refilling requires careful handling and can potentially damage the cartridge if not done correctly.

To refill ink cartridges, follow instructions from reputable sources or seek professional assistance. Use high-quality ink specifically designed for your printer model to ensure optimal print quality.

Risks and Drawbacks

Using alternative printer ink options may involve potential risks and drawbacks:

  • Compatibility issues:Compatible cartridges or refilled cartridges may not always work flawlessly with your printer, leading to printing problems.
  • Reduced print quality:Alternative ink may not produce the same print quality as OEM ink, resulting in faded or distorted prints.
  • Damage to the printer:Improper refilling or using incompatible cartridges can damage the printer’s print head or other components.

Choosing the Best Option

The best alternative printer ink option depends on your individual needs and budget:

  • Cost-conscious:Compatible cartridges or refilling ink cartridges can offer significant cost savings.
  • High print quality:OEM cartridges provide the highest print quality, but come at a higher cost.
  • Convenience:Purchasing OEM cartridges from Walmart is convenient and ensures compatibility.
  • Environmental concerns:Refilling cartridges reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Considerations

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Walmart recognizes the environmental impact of printer ink and is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in its operations.

The company has implemented several initiatives to address the environmental impact of printer ink, including:

Recycling and Disposal

  • Walmart offers a recycling program for used printer ink cartridges in partnership with the Cartridge Recycling Corporation (CRC).
  • Customers can drop off used cartridges at designated recycling bins located in Walmart stores.
  • The CRC then processes the cartridges to recover and recycle the materials, including plastics, metals, and ink.

Product Design and Manufacturing

  • Walmart works with its suppliers to design printer ink cartridges that are more environmentally friendly.
  • The company encourages the use of remanufactured cartridges, which have a lower environmental impact than new cartridges.
  • Walmart also promotes the use of ink-efficient printers, which can reduce the amount of ink used per page.

Consumer Education

  • Walmart provides information to customers about the environmental impact of printer ink and how to reduce waste.
  • The company encourages customers to recycle used cartridges and to consider using remanufactured cartridges or ink-efficient printers.

Return Policy

Ink cheapest printers

Walmart offers a generous return policy for printer ink, allowing customers to return unopened or defective products within 90 days of purchase.

To return printer ink to Walmart, customers can visit any Walmart store with their receipt or proof of purchase. They can also return the product by mail using the prepaid shipping label provided by Walmart.

Conditions and Timeframe

  • Unopened printer ink can be returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Opened printer ink can only be returned if it is defective.
  • Customers must provide a receipt or proof of purchase to return printer ink.


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Customers may encounter various issues when using printer ink from Walmart. This section provides troubleshooting tips and solutions for common problems, along with contact information for Walmart’s customer service.

Common Problems and Solutions:

Printer Not Recognizing the Ink Cartridge

  • Ensure the cartridge is compatible with your printer model.
  • Remove and reinsert the cartridge, ensuring it is securely seated.
  • Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridge and the printer with a dry cloth.

Ink Cartridge Leaking or Smudging

  • Remove the cartridge and check for any damage or debris.
  • Wipe the cartridge with a damp cloth to remove excess ink.
  • Reinsert the cartridge and run a cleaning cycle on your printer.

Printed Pages Having Streaks or Lines

  • Check the print nozzles for clogs and clean them using the printer’s cleaning utility.
  • Replace the cartridge if the cleaning does not resolve the issue.
  • Inspect the paper quality and ensure it is suitable for your printer.

Printer Error Messages Related to Ink Cartridges

  • Refer to your printer’s user manual for specific error codes.
  • Try restarting your printer or computer.
  • Update your printer’s software or firmware.

Contacting Walmart’s Customer Service:

  • Phone number: 1-800-925-6278
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Live chat: Available on Walmart’s website

Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions Table:

Problem Solution Additional Notes
Printer not recognizing cartridge Check compatibility, reseat cartridge, clean contacts Ensure proper seating and clean connections
Ink cartridge leaking or smudging Inspect cartridge, clean excess ink, run cleaning cycle Replace cartridge if cleaning fails
Printed pages with streaks or lines Clean print nozzles, replace cartridge, check paper quality Clogged nozzles or incompatible paper can cause issues
Printer error messages related to ink cartridges Refer to user manual, restart printer, update software Specific error codes may require different troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How do I know if my printer ink is low?
  • What is the warranty on printer ink from Walmart?
  • Can I return printer ink to Walmart if it is defective?

Tips for Preventing Printer Ink Problems:

  • Store ink cartridges in a cool, dry place.
  • Clean your printer regularly to remove dust and debris.
  • Use high-quality ink cartridges to avoid smudging and fading.

Warranty and Return Policies:

Printer ink purchased from Walmart may come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Customers can also return defective ink cartridges to Walmart for a refund or exchange within the store’s return policy period.

Comparisons to Competitors

Does walmart sell printer ink

Walmart faces stiff competition in the printer ink market from several major retailers, including Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot. Each of these competitors offers a wide range of printer ink products, including both OEM and compatible inks, at varying prices and with varying levels of customer service.

One area where Walmart excels is in its price competitiveness. The company is known for offering low prices on a wide range of products, including printer ink. In many cases, Walmart’s prices are lower than those of its competitors, even for OEM inks.

For example, a recent price comparison found that Walmart was selling a pack of HP 61XL black ink cartridges for $29.99, while Amazon was selling the same pack for $34.99.

Walmart also offers a wide selection of printer ink products, including both OEM and compatible inks. The company carries inks for a wide range of printer brands and models, including HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother. This makes it easy for customers to find the right ink for their printer, regardless of the brand or model.

In terms of customer service, Walmart offers a variety of options for customers who need help with their printer ink purchases. Customers can speak to a customer service representative in-store, call the company’s customer service hotline, or chat with a representative online.

Walmart also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, including printer ink. This means that customers can return any ink that they are not satisfied with for a full refund.


  • Walmart offers a wide selection of printer ink products, including both OEM and compatible inks.
  • The company carries inks for a wide range of printer brands and models, including HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother.
  • This makes it easy for customers to find the right ink for their printer, regardless of the brand or model.


  • Walmart excels in its price competitiveness.
  • The company is known for offering low prices on a wide range of products, including printer ink.
  • In many cases, Walmart’s prices are lower than those of its competitors, even for OEM inks.

Customer Service

  • Walmart offers a variety of options for customers who need help with their printer ink purchases.
  • Customers can speak to a customer service representative in-store, call the company’s customer service hotline, or chat with a representative online.
  • Walmart also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, including printer ink.

Seasonal Trends

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The demand for printer ink at Walmart exhibits seasonal trends, influenced by various factors such as academic schedules, holidays, and promotional activities.

During the back-to-school season, typically from August to September, demand for printer ink surges as students and educators prepare for the new academic year. This period accounts for a significant portion of Walmart’s annual printer ink sales.

Holiday Season

The holiday season, encompassing November and December, also witnesses an increase in printer ink demand. Consumers often engage in gift-giving and festive activities that require printing, such as creating personalized cards, photo albums, and wrapping paper.

Tax Season

In the United States, tax season typically runs from January to April. During this period, individuals and businesses may experience an elevated need for printer ink to prepare and file tax-related documents.

For printing enthusiasts, finding the right printer ink can be crucial. Walmart, a renowned retail giant, offers a wide selection of printer inks to cater to various printing needs. Whether you require cartridges for your home printer or high-volume printing solutions, Walmart has got you covered.

However, if you’re seeking guidance on how to professionally frame your precious canvas prints, consider exploring how to frame a canvas print for expert tips and techniques. This comprehensive guide will empower you to showcase your artwork with elegance and preserve its beauty for years to come.

After framing your canvas print, you can enhance its longevity by storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Additionally, Walmart provides a convenient platform for purchasing printer inks online, allowing you to restock your supplies from the comfort of your home.

Promotional Events

Walmart strategically implements promotional events throughout the year to drive printer ink sales. These events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offer discounts and bundle deals, attracting customers seeking cost-effective options.

Walmart adjusts its inventory and promotional strategies based on these seasonal trends. The retailer ensures adequate stock levels during periods of high demand, such as back-to-school and the holiday season. Additionally, Walmart offers targeted promotions and discounts during these periods to capitalize on increased demand and stimulate sales.

Market Share

Hp printer officejet walmart inkjet wireless ink color office space saving

Walmart is a leading player in the printer ink industry, capturing a significant market share in both the United States and globally. The company’s market position is attributed to several key factors, including its extensive distribution network, competitive pricing strategy, and wide product assortment.

Distribution Network, Does walmart sell printer ink

Walmart operates a vast network of retail stores and distribution centers, which enables it to reach a large customer base and fulfill orders efficiently. The company’s physical presence in local communities allows it to cater to both walk-in customers and online shoppers, providing convenient access to printer ink products.

Pricing Strategy

Walmart is known for its everyday low prices, which it applies to printer ink as well. The company often offers discounts and promotions on printer ink cartridges, making them more affordable for consumers. Walmart’s pricing strategy helps it attract value-conscious shoppers and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Product Assortment

Walmart carries a wide range of printer ink products, including both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and third-party compatible cartridges. This comprehensive assortment allows customers to find the specific ink they need for their printers, regardless of the brand or model.

Walmart’s product diversity caters to a diverse customer base and increases its market share.

Customer Service

Walmart places a strong emphasis on customer service, which contributes to its market position in the printer ink industry. The company offers various support channels, including in-store assistance, online help, and phone support. Walmart’s customer-centric approach helps build loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

Growth Strategies

Walmart has implemented several growth strategies to expand its market share in the printer ink industry. These include:

  • Acquisitions and partnerships: Walmart has acquired and partnered with companies that specialize in printer ink and related products, such as Office Depot and Sam’s Club.
  • New product launches: Walmart has introduced its own brand of printer ink cartridges, offering a cost-effective alternative to OEM products.
  • Expansion into new markets: Walmart has expanded its international presence, increasing its market reach and capturing new customer segments.
  • Marketing campaigns: Walmart conducts marketing campaigns to promote its printer ink products and reach a wider audience.

These growth strategies have helped Walmart maintain its market leadership and increase its market share over time.

Future Market Share

Walmart is well-positioned to maintain its strong market share in the printer ink industry. The company’s extensive distribution network, competitive pricing, wide product assortment, and customer-centric approach provide a solid foundation for continued growth. Additionally, Walmart’s focus on innovation and new product launches is expected to drive its market share in the future.

Market Share Table

Year Walmart’s Market Share Major Competitors’ Market Share
2018 25% HP: 18%, Epson: 15%, Canon: 12%
2019 27% HP: 17%, Epson: 14%, Canon: 11%
2020 29% HP: 16%, Epson: 13%, Canon: 10%
2021 31% HP: 15%, Epson: 12%, Canon: 9%
2022 33% HP: 14%, Epson: 11%, Canon: 8%

“Our goal is to become the leading provider of printer ink in the world. We are committed to offering our customers the best possible prices, selection, and service.”- John Furner, CEO of Walmart

Future Trends

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The printer ink industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, environmental concerns, and consumer behavior shifts shaping its future. Walmart is adapting to these trends through strategic partnerships, investments in research and development, and the expansion of its online and omnichannel offerings.

Technological Advancements

  • New printing technologies, such as inkjet and laser printing, are emerging, offering faster printing speeds, higher quality prints, and lower costs.
  • Smart printers are becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to print from anywhere, monitor ink levels, and receive notifications.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Eco-friendly inks are becoming more widely available, reducing the environmental impact of printing.
  • Recycling programs for used printer cartridges are expanding, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Consumer Behavior Shifts

  • The increasing demand for home printing is driving the growth of the printer ink market.
  • Subscription-based models are gaining popularity, allowing consumers to receive regular shipments of printer ink at a discounted price.

Walmart’s Future Plans

Walmart is well-positioned to capitalize on these future trends through its strategic partnerships, investments in research and development, and the expansion of its online and omnichannel offerings.

  • Walmart has partnered with printer manufacturers and ink suppliers to ensure a wide selection of printer ink products at competitive prices.
  • Walmart is investing in research and development to develop innovative ink solutions, such as eco-friendly inks and smart printing technologies.
  • Walmart is expanding its online and omnichannel offerings to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, including a wider range of printer ink products online and in-store pickup options.

Potential Changes in Walmart’s Offerings and Strategies

  • Walmart may launch new exclusive brands of printer ink to cater to different customer segments.
  • Walmart may offer loyalty programs and promotions to reward customers for their repeat business.
  • Walmart may expand its distribution channels by partnering with third-party retailers to reach a wider customer base.

FAQ Compilation

What brands of printer ink does Walmart sell?

Walmart offers a wide range of printer ink brands, including HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and more.

Does Walmart sell generic or third-party printer ink?

Yes, Walmart sells both branded and generic/third-party printer ink options.

Can I order printer ink online from Walmart?

Yes, you can order printer ink online from Walmart’s website and have it shipped to your home or office, or choose in-store pickup for added convenience.

What is Walmart’s return policy for printer ink?

Walmart offers a 30-day return policy for printer ink, allowing you to return any unopened or defective cartridges for a full refund.